Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My 2010 Summer Trend Picks :D

This is a post about the latest Summer trends I'm into right now. First lets start off with Rompers.

This is my favorite fashion trend right now! Rompers and jumpsuits aren’t just for kids anymore. This comfy onesis can be worn on a casual day or dress it for a night out. Here's some of my picks (: They come in different prints,colors,lengths,material!! They are great for summer :)


Another trend that im loving for this summer are the elastic waistband skirts. They are light weight material also in many different colors,prints,material. This to can be worned down for a casual day with sandals or dress them up for a night out adding some cute heels. These can be found anywhere from F21 to H&M!

And last but not least cant forget when you mix two wardrobe staples together
----> jen+leggings= Jeggings :) They come in a range of dyes, colors and even printed patchwork. But BECARFUL not anyone can pull them off, they can be unflattering on some figures. On the other hand they are more comfortable than jeans,can easily be tucked in boots & don't drag :)

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